Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Makeover Time!

I apparently have creative talent for making something better with little or no money.  I also have  very expensive taste, that I like to 'mimic' as much as possible.  Some things just MUST be expensive, but not everything and certainly not when it comes to making a house a home, there are so many things you can do without it costing a fortune.  I would like to share some ideas with you as they are being done here.  I have a husband and three children that help me turn my ideas into reality as well, each in their own talented way. 

My husband David takes my ideas and runs with them...they usually get done quickly, but not always exactly how I have pictured them, he is way more artistic than he realizes, that is for sure!

Our son Joshua, who is 20 now...really?  When I need him to help, he is always there to do what he his own speed...which is often turtle-like...he has great ideas, he loves to make electronics and computers work when they are broken and he is a super good cook and enjoys it. 

Our son Carl, who is almost 18 now...crazy how fast time goes by...has my abilities in seeing possibilities, he dreams a bit larger than life, where I tend to be more practical.  He is artistic and loves improving things and making them new again. 

Then there is our daughter Abigail, she is 14...unreal...she is a super great helper and loves animals.  She takes care of so much around the house so I can do other things when I need to and know that the necessary household jobs will get done. 

We have been in this house now for two that all?  Yep. It's true. Two...months.  Seems like we have been here...well...for at least a year...maybe because we were totally unpacked in three days...maybe four?  I don't was so long ago now I can't remember...could have been five...We have already accomplished many projects besides unpacking and hanging pictures...shelving, light fixtures, cabinet makeovers, curtains, even some yard work...since this post is already long, I will show you what I did with this room: 

This room is long and narrow.  There is a cabinet behind the door to the right and there is a baseboard heater behind the other door.  The lighting fixture is small but is hooked up to a dimmer.  There are  blinds with a large closet bar type curtain rod and a very low triangular blue and white striped curtain over the window. 

This is how it looks now:

My son Carl and I took down the light fixture and replaced it with the dining room light fixture.  We also removed the bulky curtain rod from the window.  It was about an inch shy of fitting across the room, so Carl made brackets out of 2x4 scrap, which worked perfectly.

This room is multifunctional, it is Gramma's room when she comes to visit, it is the sewing/craft room, office and a place for outdoor plants that can't survive the winter.  It is also our extra seating for our Shabbat meal, Abigail sets the table for her friends and they have a great time around their special table. 

Hope this has inspired an idea for you!





KathyB. said...

Wow ! You are a talented family and I am liking what I see. I can't wait to see what else you all are doing and I really hope to visit you this year and see for myself. ( even better, visit with you all )

Pam Evans Chowning said...

22654442317You are amazing! I still can't believe how fast you were entirely moved in, pictures hung, etc. Super talented.

Have Courage said...

Kathy, I really hope to see you this year too! Would love to have you visit for sure. :) Thank you for your sweet comment!

Have Courage said...

Thank you Pam! I am 'special' like that! ;)