Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something Special

The boys all went away this Saturday so Abigail decided we should have a
Tea Party!
 She wrote out her own invitations for Her doll Emily and for Me.

Abi got out the Demitasse Set I just found at the thrift store for a special occasion like this...

...and she set the table herself.

She wanted to dress up so we put on special dresses and I let her wear Grammy's Glass Beads.  They are so special to me and Abi loved wearing them too.

She decided on special hot cocoa with peppermint and cream for our 'tea', M&M's, Cinnamon Croccantini, and Pizza and I had to pretend to just arrive, she even had an 'English' accent as she talked with me about our Tea Party.

Here she is serving Emily her special plastic foods.  Emily had a great time!

So did I, what a special blessing she is to me!


KathyB. said...

Oh this is a lovely tea party. Tea parties with daughters and granddaughters are the very best, and when the dolls are invited they are almost magical.I especially like the picture of the two of you.

Now this is the way to spend a cold, snowy day in Washington.

Have Courage said...

So true, snow, hot cocoa 'tea' was grand. :)

Thank you, Kathy! I love your Tea-time Tuesday blogs, they are very inspiring. Partly why I went ahead and bought this cute set. Thinking of Abi, she is growing up way too fast.