Sunday, November 7, 2010

Let Go

I need You
Come rescue me

You’re all I desire
You’re everything I see

I love You
Please help me love You more

I just want You, more of You, Jesus
My desire is to let You make me who I am
Lord help me let go
Help me let go

You are my everything
You are my everything

What are You teaching me
Let me learn so I don’t have to repeat
No, I don’t want to repeat

Let go,
Just let go
You got to let go
Let go of everything you hold dear

Give it to Jesus, to Jesus
He will make your path clear

Just let go, let go

When you’re down in the dumps
And it hurts way to much
Just let go, give it to Jesus

When you’ve lost all control
And you’re world seems to fall
Just let go, give it to Jesus