Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Are We Full Of?

If thou could'st empty all thyself of self,
Like to a shell dishabited,
Then might He find thee on the ocean shelf,
And say, "This is not dead."
And fill thee with Himself instead.

But thou art all replete with very thou,
And hast such shrewd activity,
That when He comes He says, "This is enow
Unto itself- 'twere better let it be,
It is so small and full, there is no room for Me."

Thomas Browne

~Courage to you!


KathyB. said...

So very true. I can easily fill my life with myself and leave no room for Him.

Anonymous said...

This little gem contains the gospel truth which is key to our sanctification. As John the Baptist said, He must increase, I must decrease. My dying to the Self life will result in a greater conformity to the nature of Christ. May it be so, Lord, in increasing measure!

Thank you for sharing this good word!

A. Joy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I see you also know my mom 'KathyB.'
Your blog is very refreshing and as I read your 'About Me' profile on your side bar - I'll say we seem very much alike! It was almost as if you were writing my bio for me! Nice to meet you. =)

commoncents said...


Keep up the great work!!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange??