Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 Corinthians 5:7-8 Unleavened Bread

1 Corinthians 5:7-8
Therefore purge out the old leaven,
that you may be a new lump,
since you truly are unleavened.
For indeed Christ, our Passover,
was sacrificed for us.
Therefore let us keep the feast,
not with old leaven,
nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness,
but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

It is the Feast of Unleavened Bread and I have been dwelling on the thought of being unleavened (without sin) and what that means right now for me.  What has been brought to my mind and heart is that I am quite indecisive and suffer from a lack of confidence in who God is making me to be.  Setting me free from the fears that surround me, such as the inability to make decisions or communicate because of the 'what if's'...

Many times I think of coming here to write, but nothing comes to me, so I push the thought aside and busy myself with mindless things, Facebook...or on good days exploring the endless expanse of the internet searching for some answer to some question lurking in my mind with my Bible opened beside me and praying for direction from the Holy Spirit.

Today is a mixture of all those things as I try not to be too discouraged about the weather and my husbands massive headache.  UGH!

In the last three days we have accomplished virtually nothing we were planning to do, doing things that were not on the 'list' and trying to figure out and make 'semi-commitments' for the rest of the vacation time.  Realizing I don't like commitment...when it comes to planning I would rather wing it or have someone else plan it, and we don't like doing things alone, we like to be with friends or family...oh well, God had other plans for us, we just had to commit to His plan and go.  So, with a deep breath...sigh...we made a decision....and that decision has led us to going somewhere alone as a family. 

I know how silly this all sounds, really I do, which is why I am writing about it.   It parallels my life... these small seemingly impossible virtually unimportant decisions I have to make.  However, it all comes to this...if I can't make commitments on the unimportant can I commit to the most important matter of all?  Following I following or am I indecisive in my following doing what seems right but not doing what is right?  Have I truly committed myself to Him as I have said or am I as wishy-washy as I feel I am with life choices?

So no matter how silly these daily decisions may seem, they ultimately define who I am and where I stand.  Will I continue in my indecision?  Or, will I choose to make decisions and stick with them with confidence that even if the decision is wrong, God will direct my path? 

The path He chooses for us is most often not what we would choose ourselves.   

As for our short vacation...I really believe God has directed this path and have peace with the decision made and am looking forward to this quiet time with God.



Mrs. T said...

Hello! I just found your blog when I saw that you had become a follower of Farmgirl Cyn.

I've enjoyed reading your thoughts. You have a lot to offer, so don't let the enemy discourage you. It was very interesting reading the reflections on your life and all that the Lord has brought you through (January post).

By the way, I love your blog title!

Mrs. T said...

Just back again to say that I enjoyed the way you expressed yourself in your Profile description. Even though I am an older lady, I think that we are very much alike ~smile~.

Grace and peace to you...

Have Courage said...

Thank you for the encouragement Mrs. T. Grace and peace to you as well with a ~Big smile~.