Saturday, September 19, 2009

As promised...some of our new friends

As we have had our changes in our lives, we have adopted some new family members that are helping us to expand and grow in many ways. They also provide free entertainment!

These two girls are dairy goats, the lighter one is a La Mancha and the darker one is a La Mancha Nubian mix, we call them Ziah and Zoe and they are quite sweet and apparently love their picture taken.

We just aquired a large spool for them two days ago, they love it of course! In the background you can see their temporary shelter. It is working great for now...

As you can see, we also have chickens and turkeys...the hens have recently started laying eggs, it has been fun to see all the different sized eggs, some of which have been quite small. The white egg is a store bought egg, BTW.

And here is a bushel full of some of our harvested garden...yes, those are edible mushrooms, the compost in the garden mix we got is mushroom compost, so...we had some volunteers...they were quite tasty!


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